Honors & Awards

  • 3X SAHBA Custom Home Builder of the Year
  • 3X Ranking Arizona - Tucson Custom Home Builder of the Year

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    3615 N. Prince Village Place, Ste. 141     Tucson, AZ 85719

Milestone Homes is proud to provide a complete list of every customer that Milestone has ever built for. Here are just a few of them:

“Eric and the Milestone team listened closely to our objectives and assembled an experienced team that fit our major renovation project in Northeast Tucson perfectly. The value and results we achieved in partnership with Milestone are simply outstanding. This is a very experienced business that stuck to its promises and found solutions quickly and cost-effectively whenever challenges arose. We would highly recommend Milestone particularly for projects where thoughtful design as well as high quality workmanship are priorities. Their integrity and reliability are first rate.”

Jon Kasle

“We hired Milestone Homes to do a whole house remodel. Eric Freedberg and his staff did an excellent job taking care of all the minute details. They were very friendly, professional and efficient in getting each job completed. They hire quality workers who are held to their high standards. Our remodel went quickly with very little down time due to their attention to effective scheduling. We were extremely pleased with our experience including a detailed cost projection and budget, periodic financial updates, daily work updates, timely and productive meetings, superintendent on site, quality of workmanship, and professional advice. We can say, without a doubt, that Milestone Homes is one of the top remodel and home builders in Tucson. They truly put the customer first. They were willing to listen to our ideas and produce the dream home that we envisioned we wanted. We are extremely happy with our new home and would highly recommend this company without any reservations. Thank you Milestone Homes for going above and beyond our expectations!”

Judy Dunn

“It is difficult to overstate the high esteem in which we hold Eric and his team at Milestone Homes. Their commitment to their clients is their first priority. As residents of Chicago, we built our home in Tucson from long distance. During the entire building process Eric was truly our advocate, pointing out issues that arose and advising on ways to make the house even better. We were in contact almost daily with emails and pictures showing the progress.

We had collected and stored many architectural elements that were to be incorporated into the home. These features personalized our home but, of course, required much more time and effort on the builder’s part. Their attitude was always, ‘We’ll make it happen.’

Their service after building was complete is equally excellent. Because our project manager, Dave Lunde, knows every inch of our home and how to fix almost anything, he continues to take care of our home when we are absent. Eric won our complete trust, confidence and friendship, and we can’t recommend him and his team highly enough.”

Margie and John Kerr

“Eric Freedberg has worked hard to build a team whose focus is client satisfaction. His Team deals with everyone involved in his projects with integrity, enthusiasm and in our clients’ best interest at all times. His team of superintendants works hard to bring to life the vision of the Architect and the dream of the Owner.”

Ron Robinette, Robinette Architects, Inc.

“Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with many custom home builders. Milestone Homes and Eric Freedberg stand out as one of Tucson’s leading building professionals. Eric’s experience, knowledge and ability to work under pressure on every phase of construction are commendable.

I have always enjoyed collaborating with Eric and his team. They have the ability to assimilate my design concepts and follow them through towards a successful end, exceeding our client’s expectations. I would happily recommend Eric and Milestone Homes for any project you anticipate.”

Lori Carroll ASID, Lori Carroll & Associates

“Our company has been proud to work with Milestone homes for more than a decade. Builders like Milestone are very difficult to come by. They are truly dedicated to building a quality home, not merely dedicated to marketing their homes as if they were high quality. In today’s market, that is a refreshing attribute. When you purchase a Milestone home, you can be sure it is built by a builder and subcontractors who are committed to constructing the finest custom home on the market. We are very thankful for our relationship with Milestone and look forward to many great years and satisfied customers in the future.”

Jeffrey Hamstra, Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Inc.

"From the first day we met with Milestone about our addition to the finishing touches and every step along the way, they did an outstanding job. Their attention to detail, concern for our needs, professionalism, and service after completion are superb. Their commitment to keeping the job moving along in a timely manner was great. We highly recommend Milestone Homes.”

Jim & Esther Hogan

“To say Thank You is just not enough for all you have done. You have exceeded our expectations by "miles". What can I say, you were always there when we had questions, problems, decisions to make, and so much helpful  input.

Eric, thank you so much for guiding us through this lengthy process. Your opinions were greatly respected, believe me. It was great knowing we could call you whenever, and always had a friendly & helpful feedback. Dave, our East Coast Buddy. You have done an awesome job supervising the ENTIRE construction of our home. Details, Details, that was a big plus with you. It was a great pleasure working with you. I know how picky we were at times & you made it all happen....Thank You. Thank you Mark for helping out when Dave was busy at his other sites. It seems you always knew what was going on at our house.

Just to tell you....If we ever were to build again, Milestone Homes would be the Builder of choice....Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lois & Mike Nudelman

“Our dream has always been to build a completely custom home. I was introduced to Milestone Homes and Eric Freedberg in 1996 when I purchased a home he was building. The plans were already laid out, but the neighborhood was just what I was looking for. Our first Milestone Home was built with quality craftsmanship, on-time, and on-budget. After awhile, I renewed my search for just the right piece of land where I could build my dream home. Being the picky person I am, that search lasted many years - some more active than others. When Eric recommended I quickly go look at a parcel near Sabino Canyon, I felt this would be "the one". We snapped up the lot it’s first day on the market - beating out three other bidders! The next two years were spent carefully planning and realizing our dream - a home where every last detail has the attention it deserves. Our new home reflects our style and captures our heart. Eric and his staff are absolutely the best!

Susan and Michael Legg

“During my 30 years as an architect, I have never been more confident in recommending a homebuilder as I am with Milestone Homes. Contracting with Eric of Milestone Homes guarantees my clients service, value, and honesty in the construction of their homes. Milestone Homes matches the level of professionalism, concern and attention that we offer our clients.  We have never had a client who was not completely satisfied with Milestone Homes.  Without reservation I feel that I can recommend these fine homebuilders to any client or architect.”

Frank Mascia, AIA

“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Eric Freedberg of Milestone Homes for the past 10 years on over 17 custom residential projects. As an Interior designer, I am looking for the same qualities in a general contractor as any discerning client should be. Eric’s concern for the schedule, budget, quality of workmanship, welfare of the client, and value of the final product have consistently exceed my and the client’s expectations.

Eric and his award-winning team at Milestone Homes maintain the highest professional standards, constantly improving upon excellence. Their problem-solving skills, "can-do" attitude, honesty, and ability to remain cool under pressure make for an enjoyable process for everyone involved. Eric’s exceptional financial and real estate background allows the client to relax, confident that the best possible value and quality are being achieved within the budget.

Therefore, without reservation, I recommend Eric Freedberg and Milestone Homes to anyone in the market for custom residential construction, including clients, architects, and fellow interior designers.”

Elizabeth Dawson Rose

“First, and most important, Eric proved to be trustworthy and honest.  We built from Pennsylvania, only seeing construction once during the process.  They kept their word and were in close communication by phone and fax.  They even took videos for us.  They helped us in the design phase, changing window sizes and positions, ceiling heights, and general proportions, improving greatly on our original plans.  We were given a quality home for the agreed upon price. They completed our home on schedule and we were able to make moving plans well ahead of time.  We have been very pleased with our custom Milestone Home and have offered to show it to potential customers.”

Judy and Alan Munkittrick

Below are other members of Milestone client family organized by house style:

Tom Cook +
Tim & Jan Henry
Barb Fox
Debbie & Mike Kaler
Dante & Diana Archangeli
Mike & Debbie Kaler *
Mascia Duplex
Jeanne Taylor
Jim White
Tommy Larkins
Frank & Jill Rosenbaum
Jim Stephenson
Connie Lane
Elizabeth Vierling +
Steven & Doris Ratoff +
Tim McNearney & Lisa McPherson
Jerry & Carol Ward
Jim & Ann Marie Ward
Sean & Monica Bailey
Dante Archangeli (2nd Ave Duplex)
Mission Revival
Carol & Don Eagle
Gayle & Dave La Porte
Michael & Ann Moynihan
Peter Griffiths & Cathy Jacobus
Sam Behrend & Mary O’Neil
Jan & Charlie Jacobus
Eric & Nanci Freedberg
Charlie Jenkins & Diane Johnson
Joe & Stephanie Worden
Mitch & Meredith Fry
Bill & Marion Harlow
Jerry & Mildred Konecky
Joseph & Kate Riley
Gil & Shelly Heredia
Tom & Christine Sorenesen +
Santa Fe
Sheila Johnson
Harlan & Connie Peckham
Gary & Sue Gutierrez
Jim Stites
Connie & Harlan Peckham *,+
Joel & Kristi Henness +
Spanish Colonial / Hacienda
John & Margie Kerr +
Clark & Ardith Arnold +
Patric & Gail Gielas +
Pat & Shuana Hogan
Southern Arizona Ranch
Rick & Cindy Barrett +
Eric & Nanci Freedberg
Jeannie & Ron McNeill +
David & Gail Lovitt +
Southwest Contemporary
Susan & Michael Legg
Merrill Garrett
Alan & Judy Munkittrick
Rick & Charlotte Goodwin
Kris & Barb Kober
Jeff & Micki Bates
Penny Yeoman
Quentin & Laura Smith
Bich Turner
Frank & Terri Contapay
Peter Gilbert
Carolyn Brassard
Shelley & Richard King +
Tom & Lorraine Russell
Bob & Vicki Mulgrew
Louise Lawrence
Abby Henig
Jim & Esther Hogan +
Lauren Harvey
Peter & Marie Hirsch
Bill & Blue Beezley
Tom & Jo Straight
Bill & Karen DeJean
Bill & Linda Benzick
Krista Gustafson
Warren & Tracy Loomis
Robert & Tetine Price
Arthur & Anna Spellissy
Nancy Hazleton
Joseph & Stacy Badilla
Dallas Josephy
David Wilke
Curt & Maureen Lueck
Thomas Melchionda
Greg Overstreet
Craig & Asya Roberts
William Maytorena
Catherine Wilke
Albert & Christine Neroni
Jim & Carol Jones
Mike Schneider & Judith Malen-Schneider
Blair & Kathleen Finkelstein
Gene Schmidt
Eric & Heather Sipos
Steven Longstreet
Mike and Lois Nudelman
Chris Mathias & Joanna Arnold
Chan & Michelle Kershner
Margery & Eli Langner
Susan Legg *,+
Tom & Christine Sorensen *
Lloyd & Faye Bentley
Shelly & Nancy Mann +
Bob & Rita Martin +
George & JoElyn Nyman +
Lisa Bibbens & Pam Liberty +
Bernie & Ingrid Geissler +
Rick & Michelle Sutton
Guy & Dena Petersen
Dante & Diana Archangeli
Jeannie & Bill Neubauer +
Jeff & Rose Tice +
Bill & Christine Yadlon
John & Janelle Perry +
Tom & Heather Williams +
Tony & Liz Ponchak
CDG Offices
Academy of Tucson
Andrea Matheson Law Office
Waldorf School–River Bend Campus — David Crown

*Repeat customer, + Addition or remodel